Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walk On Golden Ears Bridge Day!

We walked along Golden Ears Bridge this afternoon. And I survived it even though I was experiencing cramps! BOO-YAH!

Well, I wore flip flops, because no matter what I wear, my feet will hurt like bloody-murder anyway. We had to ascend the bridge's slope a good half hour. I knew tip-toeing would have helped me, but I was stubborn. So my feet started to hurt ten minutes into the walk.

On our way back, we saw this band. I don't know their name and I cannot understand what they were singing - it was in a different language. But it had a great rhythm and very danceable.

You'll see that we left before the song ended and continued with our walk back. The band finished the song about a minute and a half after we walked on. Ain't that ironic?

So we got on the crowded bus back to R. E. Mountain Secondary School and went to Tim Hortons. Unfortunately, it took forever, because there was only one person - a church mate of ours - manning the store. I paid $16, but we finally gave up and left, so I lost $7 - two large iced capps. Oh, well.

Overall, I had fun, even though my feet were - and still are - killing me. It was a good, albeit painful, walk. I proved I was not anti-social (hehe). We saw a bunch of people we know (the fab five from Walnut Grove Park & Ride, our former church mate, and three current church mates). I broke a sweat (which I immediately replaced with iced capp). Lastly, I saw a bunch of cute shirtless guys... Kidding!

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