Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bathtubs and Laptops Still Don't Mix

Someone loves Twitter a tad too much. Well, loved. She's dead.

A teenage Romanian girl died while reportedly plugging her laptop into an electrical outlet in the bathtub. She was updating her Twitter status ("tweeting" or "tweetering") while in the bath. It is unclear what exactly happened, but we know from watching too much CSI that the electric shock killed her. And she was only 17.

OK, I love Twitter, but I'm not obsessed enough to bring my computer in the tub - or shower, as I'm not really a soak-in-the-tub kind of girl - to update my status. I've learnt that social networking can wait while I'm in the bathroom, for example.

I wonder what her last tweet was. Has anyone found this girl on Twitter?

Anyhoo, just a friendly reminder, people: bringing your computer in the bathtub is a stupid idea. It will kill you.

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