Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Extended Version of LOST Season 4 Trailer Hits the Web

Thanks to Don, one of the new guys at The Tail Section, for posting this clip on the TTS site.

I'm even more excited for the Season Four premiere than ever. Ken Leung and Jeremy Davies appear in this trailer.

Was that Jacob in the dim room? Or was it Christian Shephard? Will Charlie appear in the season premiere? Who will leave the Island, aside from Jack and Kate, of course? Who will not leave the Island, aside from Locke, Rousseau, and possibly Alex? Will Michael appear in the premiere?


I can't wait for January 31st!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

LOST Gets Snubbed Again

I'm not sure why critics ignore LOST's awesomeness last season.

Maybe, it's the split season, where the first six episodes served as a long introduction to the fun that began in "Not In Portland," the first Juliet-centric episode. Maybe, it's Nikki and Paulo, whom virtually the entire fandom hated. Maybe, it's Mr. Eko's demise. Maybe, it's "Stranger In a Strange Land". Maybe, it's the non-appearance of Libby in Season 3. Maybe, it's the freshness and less mythological characteristics of Heroes.

I don't know, really. And I can't understand why those critics don't think that the second part of the season redeemed LOST in many aspects.

Nevertheless, LOST was not nominated in the 2008 Writers Guild Awards in the dramatic series category. Thankfully, Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard's writing in the amazing "Flashes Before Your Eyes," the revelatory Desmond-centric episode. The rest of the nominees in the episodic drama category follows:

EPISODIC DRAMA - any length - one airing time

Final Grades (The Wire), Teleplay by
; Story by David Simon & Ed Burns;

The Second Coming (The Sopranos), Written by Terence Winter; HBO

The Round File (The Closer), Written by Michael Alaimo; TNT

Flashes Before Your Eyes (Lost), Written by Damon Lindelof & Drew Goddard; ABC

The Hobo Code (Mad Men), Written by Chris Provenzano;

The Dark Defender (Dexter), Written by Tim
; Showtime

Also, the Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, and LOST wasn't nominated in any category. Here are the nominees for the best drama series;


Anima Sola and Playtone Productions in association with HBO Entertainment

FX Productions and Sony Pictures Television

ABC Studios

Heel and Toe Films, Shore Z Productions and Bad Hat Harry Productions in
association with Universal Media Studios

Lionsgate Television

Showtime/Peace Arch Entertainment/Working Title/Reveille Productions
Limited/An Ireland-Canada Co-Production


I hope either Grey's Anatomy or House wins.

Anyway, LOST's season four starts in February, and I know it'll kick butt. Provided, of course, the WGA strike ends soon and production in LOST resumes shortly afterwards.