Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Was Josh Thinking?

Josh Holloway must be filming a movie when this was snapped.

Either that, or one timeline/"flash" in LOST Season 5 will show Sawyer like that. Kinda doubt it, though. Still, he looks hot with the tattoos.

And here's another Josh who needs both a stylist and a brutally honest friend: Joshua Chasez, a.k.a. JC Chasez - the former *NSYNCer and current judge in Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew.

JC, I love you, but what the heck were you thinking? *Sigh* Why don't you set up your own record label, finish The Story of Kate, release it, and focus more on your music? It should keep you from choosing clothes that don't emphasize your good features (the beautiful blue eyes, the slim bod, et cetera). (Do I sound like Stacy London? Sorry, too much What Not To Wear.) And can you grow your hair already?


Must be a slow news day.

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