Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An Almost Perfect Job

The way God answers prayers is amazing.

Back in 1 January 2005, I wrote about hating my first job. I also enumerated what I thought the “perfect” job for me is. Let me remind you of them.

  • accounting-related

  • closer to home

  • employers and colleagues as nice as the ones I currently deal with everyday

  • accessible by bus and/or SkyTrain

  • my own office space

  • eligible bachelors

Last week – my first week in my new job – I remembered that I wrote about my “criteria” and posted them on this blog. So, do I have the “perfect” job based on these criteria?

  • Accounting-related: Yes, it is! Actually I wouldn’t have been let go by my previous employer if it weren’t an accounting job. The position is Accounts Receivable Clerk. At the moment, I’m learning how to do the billings. As of Friday, I’ve finished four logging invoices and several manual cadet camp invoices.

  • Closer to home: Yes, it is! I’m now working in Burnaby; actually, it’s very near the boundary of Vancouver and Burnaby. At least I only have to buy two-zone bus passes.

  • Employers and colleagues as nice as the ones I [previously dealt] with everyday: Yeah. It was my first week, so everybody was so nice and welcoming. I hope it continues. Let’s see.

  • Accessible by bus and/or SkyTrain: Yeah. It’s like when I was going to BCIT. I take a bus to King George Station, then take the SkyTrain and get off at Metrotown Station. Then I take a bus and get off. It’s only a very short walk from the bus stop to the office.

  • My own office space: Oh yeah! I have my own workspace. And I have my own printer. Hehe.

  • Eligible bachelors: Hmmm. There’s a guy. He’s Punjabi. He also graduated from BCIT; actually I think we were on the same batch. Thing is, he looks ridiculously like the guy I’m trying to get over. Not only that: the timbre of his voice resembles the other guy’s. And, since he’s Punjabi, he most likely does not love the God that I love. So he’s just gonna be an eye-candy. I’m such a bad girl!

I hope I can learn everything that I need to learn, because I really want to keep this job. This almost perfect job.