Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pre-order LOST Memorial Wristbands Now!!!

Who wants a wristband that says "Live Together, Die Alone" on the front and "9.22.04 - 5.23.10" on the back?


If you do, click here so you can pre-order your own LOST memorial wristband. For only USD $4.23, plus USD $1.75 shipping within US or USD $2 shipping outside US, you can show the world that you're mourning LOST's end and identify those on the same boat. Not only that: USD $1 from each wristband goes to the Children's Defense Fund.

Y'all have until May 10th, Monday, to pre-order one of the 200 wristbands originally ordered. The site guarantees the wristbands will be shipped after May 13th and will arrive wherever you are before May 23rd (i.e. the series finale).

Clicking the Checkout button will take you to PayPal, where you can easily and securely pay the full amount.

Click here for more information.

What are you waiting for? Pre-order your memorial wristband NOW!
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Saddest News Ever

I woke up after a 12-hour sleep to see this tweet:

There ya have it. Filming for LOST's final season has wrapped. Now I'm sad.

I can't believe four weeks from now I'll be watching the series finale. *Sigh* *Sniff*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BlackBerry Curve 8900

Do y'all remember my original Christmas wish list? Do y'all remember me saying that I want the BlackBerry Curve 8520, specifically the lavender one?

Well, I just changed my mind. Now I want the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone!

(Image taken from

I didn't feel like working on the freelance writing rates yet, so I went on the Rogers Wireless website to look for the best BlackBerry phone to replace my Red Pearl when my contract expires in December. I've had my heart set on the Curve 8520 for a while now, but I wasn't sure if you could read Word, Excel, and PDF documents on the smartphone. As a freelance editor, I'd like to skim through the prospective client's document before submitting or sending a quote. Unfortunately, the reviews for the Curve 8520 on the Rogers Wireless website don't mention anything about its attachment-reading capabilities. The Red Pearl's small screen doesn't really go well with zooming on a document; more often than not, especially if it's a PDF, it becomes blurry and unreadable. A reviewer did say that the Curve 8520 is not for users who use smartphones for business purposes.

Then I decided to check out the Curve 8900's features. Lo and behold! You can view and revise Word and Excel documents right on the Curve 8900! Hopefully, PDF documents too!

For the times when you cant
[sic] be at your desk, view and revise popular attachments such as Word and Excel documents right on your phone 

Unfortunately, I still have to wait eight (it's the Numbers, man!) months for my contract to expire. Well, let's hope the current offer of $49.99 for select 3-year plans (hmmm, I wonder what those are...) drops, it becomes available in other colours (only black for now), or both, by December.
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Freelance Writing Too?

Purely editing projects are rare, even on Most projects that are open for bidding deal only with the writing, particularly articles and copy. Because my provider profile is under the Writing/Editing category, the project match alerts I get include writing projects. I have also received a few requests for my freelance writing rates.

But I don't have rates for my freelance writing! I have only set up rates for my editing services because I meant to focus on the editing. But I need supplemental income so I decided to offer freelance writing services too.

I hope to set up the rates before next week. They should be on the official website, iFreelance profile, Facebook page, and Twitter soon.
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I Am the Queen of Procrastinationland

You Should Procrastinate

Believe it or not, procrastinating is actually pretty good for you. So go ahead and do it.

You work well under pressure, and deadlines don't bother you. In fact, the less time you have, the better.

If you put off a task, you get it done more efficiently. There's nothing wrong with using procrastination as a way to motivate yourself.

Whether you procrastinate or not, you'll eventually get the job done. The only difference is, if you procrastinate, you might do a better job.

See? Procrastination ain't such a bad thing?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I finally got in @Loster21's Tweets O' the Day!

Last night, while I was watching The Big Bang Theory, I reacted to Leonard saying "I love you" to Penny like this:

Gotta be honest: when I hear the words “I love you, Penny,” I immediately think of Desmond saying that 2 Penny Widmore. #LOST #BigBangTheory

And then Erin chose that tweet for yesterday's Tweets O' the Day! Woot woot!

I can't tweet while I'm watching LOST on CTV (7 pm), but I might be able to tweet after the Canadian broadcast. Hopefully, I'll get on these Tweets O' the Day more.

Happy LOST Day!!!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Writer's Digest Subscription: To Renew Or Not To Renew?

Last Wednesday, I received a subscription renewal notice from Writer's Digest.

A few months ago, because of the recession and my two Work Share Days, I decided not to renew my subscription. I had to cut some costs and I decided this should be it. I also checked out Quill & Quire, a magazine about the book industry in Canada. But its one-year subscription for 10 issues costs CAD $59.95 before GST - twice WD's costs for a one-year subscription of eight issues! Plus, I'm actually behind three issues, because I have so many things to read and to write (among other tasks).

So, when I got the renewal notice last Wednesday - and saw that the USD $29.95 offer ends on April 14th, a week after I received the notice - I decided not to bother and renew my subscription. But when I went to the Writer's Digest website, I found out that I could renew my subscription online! So I did, for the same price, and without any worries that the completed renewal form arrived in Florida by next Wednesday. *Sigh*

Which means I've gotta cut costs elsewhere. Maybe non-LOST- and non-Fringe-related Amazon purchases? Hehehehe...
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adrienne's Notebook

Remember my little post about using my account for a blog? I finally slapped my indecisiveness away and registered a blog! I decided to use it for my fiction-writing, to discuss (with other people or with my split personality) story ideas, character ideas, writer's block, et cetera. I may also post really old short stories for feedback. Or maybe I should post them on Either way, this blog is all about my fiction-writing. I hope you guys read it too!

Here's the link:
Adrienne's Notebook
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fifty-four Days

There are 54 days before my 27th B'Day and I've been thinking about what I want. My sister already gave me another Coach purse and I have way too many books to read. Aside from getting at least $1 million from the lottery or an unknown mega-rich relative - so I can get my own place, quit my job, get Daniel Faraday's journal at the LOST auction, go to Europe, or any combination of the previous - there's nothing that I really, really, really want right now.

It'd be nice to get any of these, though:

  • Digital camera - My old Nikon camera's broken so I need a new one. Either that or I'd just take videos from my Flip Video Ultra.
  • DVR - The 2009-2010 primetime TV season is so awesome because there are so many great new shows. My current favourite new shows are FlashForward, V, The Good Wife, Glee, Modern Family, The Middle, The Vampire Diaries, and even Cougar Town, not to mention my usual favourites (LOST even if it's not coming back next season, Fringe, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Criminal Minds). I've had to give up some shows because they're aired directly against another favourite show (e.g. House M.D. vs. How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries vs. FlashForward, Glee vs. Modern Family vs. Criminal Minds, Glee vs. LOST, The Good Wife vs. V, etc.). Thank God for Much Music, because it airs the new The Vampire Diaries episode every Friday at 5 PM and 8 PM PST. For the rest, I'd have to stream them online, like or So I need a DVR to record my other favourite shows and watch them whenever I want. 
  • Whatever I didn't get last Christmas - Out of the 16 items on my Christmas wish list, I only got two DVDs (Inglourious Basterds and He's Just Not That Into You) and two books (Under The Dome and Best Friends Forever). I've also seen Angels & Demons and Public Enemies. And I still want the rest of the items on my Christmas wish list! 
  • Other DVDs/Blu-Ray:
    • The Informant!
    • The Men Who Stare at Goats
    • Precious
    • District 9
    • Paranormal Activity
    • Gran Torino
    • Up
    • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    • Julie and Julia
    • Changeling
    • I Sell the Dead
  • Bedside lamp - My mom took my bedside lamp. I need a new one.
  • Cocktail shaker and mixer set - There are times when a girl needs an apple martini or a margarita. 'Nuff said. I even got the Drinks iPhone/iPod Touch app.
  • Quill & Quire or Writer's Digest Subscription - I kinda gave up my Writer's Digest subscription this year because I'm trying to cut costs. I checked out the Quill & Quire, but a 1-year subscription costs twice than a WD 1-year subscription. I need either to help me improve my writing.
I'd just like to emphasize that any Twilight-related merchandise (books, DVDs, etc.) that I get will immediately be sold on eBay. The Vampire Diaries books or DVDs will be cherished forever.

If anyone would like to give me $1 million, I will love that person forever. Yuk yuk yuk...
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Friday, April 2, 2010

If I Walked Into a Cafe...

...I would order coffee or tea, and then I'll take this Blogthings quiz!

You Are Flexible

During your downtime, you like to find something new to experience and to inspire you.

You secretly wish that you could be a more knowledgeable person. There are a dozen things you'd like to get your PhD in.

You are realistic about the world. You may have challenges that come your way, but you can overcome them.

You get inspired by stories - both true and fiction. The ups and downs of other people's lives motivate you and interest you.

It took a few tries, but I finally got something that's mostly bang-on. Hehehehe...