Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wanted: Comfort Giver

Comfort Giver BADLY needed!

Preferably a human being. Regularly maintains hygiene. Skin-and-bones-type will not be accepted. Easy and pleasant personality. Emotionally attached persons will not be accepted. Knows Christ. WIP (work-in-progress) with Christ. Perverts will be kicked; they need not apply. Flips are preferred. Rather, Flip men will be preferred.

Apply directly. No cover letter needed. Resumes are optional.


Felice Anno Nuovo!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Re: Behind These Dark Brown Eyes

He wrote his blog on THREE-FIFTEEN in the AFTERNOON of Boxing Day?!

That was clearly before one of the most wonderful nights in my life. What the heck happened to him? Who's this girl?

Shoot. I'm getting paranoid.

Behind These Dark Brown Eyes

I had a very merry Christmas. It actually extended through Boxing Day (day after Christmas or anniversary of the tsunami).

How the heck would I know that it's gonna be sad?

See, he had this blog thing in MSN Space. I visited his profile, curious whether he wrote something about Monday night. Here's what he wrote:

"i'd have to say.. the most crushing part of it all is knowing I'm dispensable.. that more or less, u can be uknowingly playing the role as 'flavor of the week'"

If he was talking about Monday night, when I phoned him "for fun," he's wrong to think that he's only my "flavor of the week" - so wrong! Does he even know what I feel for him? Does he know that I'm scared and thrilled to fall in love with him? Does he even know that I've fallen in love enough for me to need a whole year to get over him if it doesn't work out? Does he even know that I cry because of him? Does he?

I'm not flirting with him. He's the one flirting with me!

But, then again, we haven't talked about anything serious for a long while. I think we're both avoiding a certain subject - for good reasons. So what the heck is he talking about?

If we could only talk about serious stuff... If we could only be courageous enough to talk about this certain subject in a mature way (heck, he even said, we can say anything to each other!)... But I don't think it's the right time.

I'm taking him seriously. If he could only see through the jokes, then he'd know that he's the most special guy to me outside my earthly male family members. If he seriously thought about my name in MSN, then he'd know that he's the reason my name contains "behind these dark brown eyes".

Because, behind these dark brown eyes, with all the smiles and laughter, there's a scared heart. A heart scared of falling deeply in love with him that I'd never be able to get over him.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Buon Natale

Buon Natale!

That's "Merry Christmas" in Italian. Found that out from About Italian Language website. If it isn't correct, blame the website. (Hehe)

Did I have a merry Christmas?

Yeah, I guess. I didn't get anything in my wish list, though. But that's OK; I don't expect anybody to give me a laptop, an iPod, a digital camera, "The Lord of the Rings" Special Extended DVD Edition, Quickbooks Premier 2006, a plane ticket to Switzerland or Ireland, or a new cellphone.

I got a purple jacket and a purple purse from my sister, chocolates from a lot of people, lavender eucalyptus aromatherapy bath set (as if I'm gonna use it), "Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul" from a college friend, a lovely memo pad from the Candidos, Givenchy eau de toilette, a non-purple purse and purple sandals from Manila, moisturizing bath soap from my mom's employer, and the entire "The Chronicles of Narnia" from my nephew. Actually, I bought the latter from him with my present - $30. Hehe. My mom's present to me will give this an NC-17 rating, so I won't mention it. (Kidding.)

What did I give this Christmas? Mostly money, either in form of cheque, cash, or gift cards. I did that so they're free to buy whatever they want - and, for some, because I couldn't find what they wanted for Christmas.

Anyway, I'm happy. My closest friends can attest to that. I'm not entirely OK - I'm anxious and scared about certain things in my life - but I'm fine for the season. It's the celebration of my Saviour's birth; how can I not be fine?

I just hope that, in 2006, I'll be able to listen to what He says more than I did this year.

Buon Natale!

And Happy New Year to y'all! (I don't know how to say it in Italian, but I hope I'm gonna be able to say more things in Italian next Christmas!)