Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where Are The Single Christian Older Brothers When You Need Them?

I took the Birth Order Compatibility Tool on iVillage, just for fun, while I was listening to the latest Official LOST Audio Podcast (the one the rehashes "Meet Kevin Johnson" a. k. a. episode 408).

First, I chose among being the oldest, being the middle child, being the youngest, and being the only child. Second, I chose among having at least one older brother, having at least one older sister, or having at least one older brother and one older sister. Here's my result:

You’re equally popular with men and women, and people genuinely enjoy your company. Despite the self-doubt that occasionally clouds your mind, you’re loved and respected by family, friends and coworkers. You have an abundance of creativity, more than average drive, and ambition to spare. Sometimes, however, you feel that you have altogether too many interests and hobbies, and you wish you could focus better on just one or two that might lead to a good career. Your best match is an older brother, preferably one who has younger sisters. You like the way he takes charge in romantic situations, and you enjoy teasing and interacting with him. Middleborn guys are also good matches, especially if they have younger sisters. With lastborns, you might have tons of fun, but you’d miss the kind of direction and leadership that you yearn for in a relationship. You have the same birth order as Janet Jackson. Your best celebrity love match is Conan O’Brien.

Ha-ha. Conan O'Brien, eh? (I barely watch his show.)

Anyway, it's probably true. I have been attracted to guys who have younger siblings, especially if they have younger sisters. I like being cared for and protected the way they would care for and protect their little sisters. I like being showered with affection (although not too much, please). I also want a man who would bail me out if I get in trouble (just joking!). I'm used to being the baby - can I help it?

It's probably why the last one didn't work. He was the youngest and a wee bit immature. So I did miss the "kind of direction and leadership" that I "yearn for in a relationship" although it was a non-relationship (it's a long story...).

So where can I find single and Christian men who have younger sisters? (Switzerland? Italy? Spain? Portugal?) Lemme know...

P. S.
I'm not exactly looking, but who knows? (Cue the Natasha Bedingfield song from her sophomore album, N.B./Pocketful of Sunshine. Hehe...)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The LOST Cast and Their Burning Questions

Imagine Elizabeth Mitchell asking Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse this:

"Why did Juliet become such a badass? Who trained her — the Others?"

How would Damon and Carlton answer that one? Here's their answer:

Carlton Cuse: I think there was probably some martial arts in New Otherton.
Damon Lindelof: She probably went out shooting with Friendly back in the day, which is why she can handle a firearm so well. But the real inspiration for Juliet being a badass was Elizabeth herself. When she read for the part, she had this huge cast on her arm and was talking about her days of kickboxing....
Carlton Cuse: And then she beat Damon up.


Surprisingly, when the LOST cast members asked Darlton their own burning questions, they were a teeny-tiny bit more forthcoming. Unsurprisingly, most of their answers weren't enough to satisfy the cast members' questions.

At least they said some things that made me look forward to the rest of the episodes this season and beyond. Especially Episode 4x08. Wink wink.

Anyway, LOST's episode 4x06 entitled "The Other Woman" (Juliet-centred, I think) airs this Thursday night at 9 PM on ABC and CTV. The enhanced version of "The Constant" will air at 8 PM on ABC, A-Channel, and SPACE.