Saturday, January 1, 2005

Wanted: The Perfect Job

I thought I wouldn't hate it. Initially, I liked the idea of having an office job as my first job after two years of full-time study.

By the way, I work for a company that specializes in converting litigation/legal documents (paper) into CD-ROM files for easier usage in legal proceedings (e.g. litigation, mergers, acquisitions, etc). Imagine scanning litigation/legal documents, coding them in Summation (sometimes), converting them to PDF, hyperlinking the PDFs to the index (if it's a closing book). Also, removing staple wires, paper clips, bulldog clips, and other fasteners, and then putting them back afterwards are not bad. The worst that I have done was numberstamp documents, because it hurts my arms - both of them! I actually suck at numberstamping.

The job isn't that physically demanding. But it's not intellectually challenging. Except when I see real (though not always original) financial statements, prospectus, auditor's report. But, you know, when I scan them, I can't analyze them because I have to be fast in scanning documents! So I can barely read them and compare them to the "theoretical" accounting and finance documents I studied in college.

Also, I want to experience working in my field (accounting). I may forget what I learned in college if I don't apply my knowledge.

I work in downtown Vancouver, though I live far away from the City of Vancouver. And I take public transportation to get to work and back home. It wasn't so bad in 2004, but the cost of the three-zone transit pass increased by $10 Canadian. So if I get fired this month, my January 2005 transit pass would be useless, unless I get hired by a new company immediately. Though I still take part-time courses in Accounting in my college, I only have classes on Saturdays (until April 2nd).

OK. So what is the "perfect" job for me? Here are my "criteria":

  • accounting-related
  • closer to home
  • employers and colleagues as nice as the ones I currently deal with everyday
  • accessible by bus and/or SkyTrain
  • my own office space
  • eligible bachelors (haha!)

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