Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fringe Casts New FBI Agent Role reports that actress Meghan Markle has been cast as Fringe's new FBI agent. Her character is still unnamed, but the website describes her as "an attractive, brash and quick-witted junior FBI agent". The character is rumoured to replace Kirk Acevedo's character Agent Charlie Francis. Kirk Acevedo was "let go" in May, just after the Season 1 finale.

Wait.. Isn't Jasika Nicole's character a junior FBI agent as well? Hmmm... This new character sounds like a cross between Astrid Farnsworth and Charlie Francis to me. What are the creators planning now, in terms of Astrid's story arc?

Anyway, I don't remember this actress anywhere, although I might have seen her on Deal or No Deal (as one of the briefcase models), on the CSI:NY episode 3x07, or on 90210's pilot episode (which was the first and last 90210 episode I watched).

Well, as long as the casting changes reflect a freakin' awesome Season 2 overall story arc, it's fine by me. I'd miss Kirk, though, and his level-headed Charlie Francis, when I watch each episode in which he doesn't appear.

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