Thursday, June 25, 2009

LOST Wins Saturn Award

Even if LOST feels no love from the Emmy Awards this year, I will be satisfied with LOST's win as the Best Network Television Series at the 35th Annual Saturn Awards.


Of course, I am biased towards LOST. But can you really deny the awesomeness that was Season 5? I am so happy for the best network TV series win! (Battlestar Galactica won the Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series award.)

Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) and Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) attended the ceremony. JJ Abrams was also there to accept LOST's award, as well as to present Leonard Nimoy (Fringe's Dr William Bell) the Lifetime Achievement Award.

I am also happy that Iron Man and The Dark Knight were finally rewarded in their separate sub-genres (Best Science Fiction Film and Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film, respectively). I love them both, and, yes, I am still torn between these two movies when it comes to deciding which was the best movie of 2008.

Visit the official Saturn Awards website for a complete list of the winners.

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