Saturday, June 13, 2009

Foxy Breaks Radio Silence


Matthew Fox, who plays Jack Shephard, broke radio silence during the 49th Monte-Carlo Film Festival. As many of us have guessed, the sixth and final season will show the aftermath of Juliet detonating Jughead's core. Foxy added that it will develop in a way that is "very surprising - and probably very confusing, initially, to the audience." He also said that the two separate timelines - 1977, when the majority of the main characters are, and 2007, when Flocke/Anti-Jacob, Locke's body, Jacob, Sun, Ben, Frank, Richard, Ilana, Bram, et cetera are - "are going to be solidified into one, and we will be operating in a more linear time, to the end of the series," by the fifth or sixth episode (as in, a third of the way into the season). He also said, "I do know how the show's going to end, I know what the last images will be," and hinted that it will lead to "a final conflict." But he also mentioned that Jack and Locke "will come head-to-head again" - how can that happen if Locke is still dead? Will Jack take on Anti-Jacob for some noble reason? Or will John Locke be resurrected on the Island? I think the former is very likely, especially if you consider Flocke's face when Jacob said, "They're coming." Foxy also said that Damon, Carlton, and the rest of the writers "will prove that they did know all along where they were heading with it... All the pieces will come back into play." He also wisely acknowledged that, "[y]ou're not going to please all the people all the time."

What shall we make of these statements? While I'm not saying that he's lying and it's entirely possible that Darlton did tell him what's going to happen in Season 6, I wonder whether Darlton told him a rough outline or one that has a bit of specifics. I understand why Darlton would tell him something - he's the protagonist of the show - but did they tell anyone else in the cast?

Regardless, Foxy's statements make Season 6 look very interesting, don't they?

Well, let's hope Damon and Carlton will shed some light on these hints on the final (WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!) LOST Panel at Comic-Con 2009.

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