Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fringe Season 2 Filming Begins Today!!! reports that filming for Season 2 began today in Vancouver.


Excuse me while I finish jumping up and down, and doing my happy dance...

Ahem. OK, I'm done.

As and I reported in February, filming for Fringe moved from New York to Vancouver, a.k.a. Hollywood North, because the State of New York's film/television production tax incentive program had dried up. So many of the on-location crew are newbies to the show. Get this: JJ Abrams wrote a letter to the cast and crew to kick off the filming season. I'll post the image later, but the following words excite me so much:

"I cannot wait to get up there soon and say hi in person!"

*Squeals again*

By the way, here's the image. Thanks to Fringe Television for letting me post it here.

So, now I've gotta keep an eye out for filming locations around the Lower Mainland. I hope I can bump into any one and I can take a pic or something.

Lemme know if you bump into one, a'ight?
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