Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today's the Day!


In 17 hours, the first hour of LOST's three-hour season finale event - "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" - will be re-aired on ABC (in North America, anyway). There will be additional footage - i.e. the extended version of the Oceanic Six press conference scene. See you at 8/7 central.

And in 18 hours, the last two hours - "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3" - will be aired on ABC and CTV (in North America). Please click here for ABC Medianet's press release for this episode.


Were you able to resist the temptation of reading Lostfan108's spoilers (or anyone else's spoilers, for that matter)?

Good! Because it means you're strong and you value great storytelling. I personally tried so hard not to ready any spoilers because I want to be surprised. I didn't let Lostfan108 spoil the "rattlesnake in the mailbox" last year; why would I let him spoil the "frozen donkey wheel" for me this year?

Anyway, I won't do any live blogging, as I will be taking down notes and actually enjoying the finale while watching it. I may blog prior to the re-airing of TNPLH Part 1, but it is unlikely. I will, however, post my reactions, questions, and possibly a recap of the finale. Whether or not I'm crying my eyes out and/or my head is literally spinning a la Regan MacNeil, I will post. I was crying when I posted my recap/reactions for "Through The Looking Glass;" I can definitely do that again. I will probably do a recap for Season 4. That is, if I can find a good article (one that hasn't been on the usual fan sites) that was posted online on or before the premiere. I need to base the season recap on a previously published article, like I did last year. There's more relevance that way (imho).

Also, if you haven't seen it, DocArzt posted six clips - including an ultra gasp-worthy one. That major WTF moment should be resolved in the finale!

I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'M EXCITED!!!...

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