Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post-B'Day Issues

Today sucked.

Except for the new cut/highlights and the sun and my Amazon order, most of the day sucked. I cannot transfer the new pictures in my camera to my computer. Why? Because my brother-in-law borrowed my USB connector and hasn't given it back to me. I can't upload the pics from yesterday and today (my B'Day presents and the new look) and from 29th of March (my second cousin's wedding). Argh!

As a B'Day present for myself, I bought the LOST soundtracks for Season 1 and Season 3, as well as Gladys Knight's "If I Were Your Woman" with the iTunes gift card that my sister gave me. I also burnt Carrie Underwood's "Carnival Ride" and the LOST OSTs for Seasons 1 and 3. Unfortunately, I couldn't burn Disc 2 of the Season 3 OST! It just cancelled. I don't know why.


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