Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain Delays and Laziness

I'm supposed to be out shopping for clothes today. I had planned to buy summer clothes - like jeans and Capri pants - so I can have something denim or really casual to wear on Casual Fridays at work. I also wanted to get a haircut, and possibly some highlights, today.

Then the weatherperson forecasted that it was gonna rain today. And I only had three hours of sleep (wanted to sleep early, but couldn't; watched early morning broadcasts of Men in Black and Casanova, which finally made me fall asleep at five AM). So I stayed home and wrote.

Thank God, because I was able to write 850 words in two hours - which is good enough. Three hundred and fifty words more, and I will reach the word count that I had before I changed the conflict and had to revise most of what I'd already written. Hopefully this will help further the story, and hopefully I'll be able to finish it by my 26th birthday.

Anyway, I took a lunch break at 1:08 (it's the Numbers, man!). I went upstairs (I'm in the basement), and - lo and behold! - it was not raining! It's cloudy with sunny breaks.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is still rain, but I would really like the forecast to be changed to, at least, cloudy with sunny breaks. But, then, I will get out of the house tomorrow anyway - rain or shine. I just hope it would be the latter.

*Sigh* It's nearly 14:30, and I have to get back to work. Then I'll take a nap.

So much for the first day of my week-long (another sigh) vacation...

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