Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5... 2... 7... B'Day

It did not rain today!

It was little cloudy and breezy in the morning, but it became very sunny and a bit breezy in the afternoon. Woohoo! God heard my prayer. Hallelujah!

I meant to go to the brand-spankin'-new Apple Retail Store in downtown Vancouver, but I got lazy. Hehe... Anyway, I got a few pairs of Capri pants, and a pair of jeans. Thank God! My waistline ain't what it used to be (yeah, it sucks), so I needed new jeans.

Then everyone (my extended family and the C's) went to Nando's Chicken and had a great meal. The server asked us a few times if we needed anything else - which is quite unusual for a server of any restaurant. Must be the 27% tip that I gave her. Haha. (Don't be so shocked; I'm generous when it's my birthday!)

I got a few gifts from my housemates. Got a necklace from my mom, an iTunes gift card and Hershey's chocolates from my sister and the kids, and a couple of shirts from the C's. I'll post the pictures that I took later.

Overall, my 25th birthday didn't surpass the awesomeness of my 21st birthday. But it's in my top three, so I guess it was pretty good.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings (The Fuselage, Lostpedia, Lost Forum, Kelly Clarkson fan community, several Facebook and Friendster pals, C. N., the Gurlash, L. D., my bro and his family, and my best friend A. G.). Got a pleasant surprise too. =)

For those who forgot... Nah, whatever. I forgive y'all. I'm generous in many aspects when it's my birthday. *Wink wink* Or I could sic Ol' Smokey on you. Hehe.

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