Thursday, May 1, 2008

Paging Dr. Feel-Good!

I think tonight's LOST episode, "Something Nice Back Home," is Jack-centric. And while he's battling appendicitis, Entertainment Weekly included him - as in, Jack Shephard - in the list of best TV doctors. I don't know when the photo gallery was released online, but I just found it today. (What kind of a LOST fan am I? He-he.)

Anyway, guess how many pictures there are? Twenty-three. Yep, 23. It's the Numbers, man!

The list also includes Hugh Laurie's Gregory House (House, M. D.), Neil Patrick Harris's Doogie Howser (Doogie Howser, M. D.), George Clooney's Doug Ross (E. R.), Alan Alda's Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H), Zach Braff's John "J. D." Dorian (Scrubs), Patrick Dempsey's Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy), and my second-favourite TV doctor, after Jack, Chandra Wilson's Miranda "The Nazi" Bailey (Grey's Anatomy).

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