Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Through the Looking Glass... With Tearful Eyes

Did I waste my tears this time?

Last Wednesday, Charlie didn't die. Did he really die in the season finale? (I'm just in denial; he did die. *Sniff*)

This and a few other questions.

Was Ben telling the truth? When he said he was going to talk Jack out of turning off Rousseau's message, did he know who Naomi really is?

Who is Naomi? Who is she really? If Penny didn't send her and her company, then who sent her?

Why didn't Pryce and Tom kill Bernard, Jin, and Sayid? Who decided to shoot the sand three times instead of the three Losties? Pryce? Tom? Neither?

Why did Juliet lie to Kate (back in "Left Behind") as to why Jack didn't want Kate to go back for him?

Why did Jack kiss Juliet if he loved Kate?

Were the off-island events really flash-fowards instead of flashbacks? (They were.)

How did Locke know what "work" he was supposed to do? Did Walt tell him?

Was it Walt? Was it a manifestation of what Ben called "forces stronger than anything it has faced in many many years"? Was it Cerberus (a.k.a. Smoky the Monster)? Was it Jacob?

What was a gun doing in the DHARMA mass grave? Did it belong to one of the dead DHARMA Initiative people? Is that why one skull seemed to have a gunshot-wound-sized hole? Who shot that particular person? Was that the same person who left the gun in the mass grave?

Who was the musician that programmed the code in The Looking Glass?

Who did Jack talk to on Naomi's satellite phone?

Where is the temple that Ben talked about with Richard? What are Richard and the rest of the Others supposed to do there?

Why wasn't Jack supposed to make that phone call?

What was in the newspaper article? Was it the dead person that he visited? Why was he neither a friend nor a family? Was it an Island person? Why was he so devastated after he read the article that he wanted to jump off the bridge?

Is Christian Shephard dead or alive? Why did Jack, in the flash-forward, speak about his father as if he were alive?

Did baby Aaron inconsolably cry because he felt what happened to Charlie?

Will Claire and baby Aaron get off the island so Charlie's death wouldn't be futile?

OK, I'm gonna stop now. I might cry again.

But I can say now that, until February 2008, the LOST-related sites will be smoking with theories and stuff about season four. I'm gonna start with this blog and the official LOST Wiki.

I'm gonna cry myself to sleep now. Ciao.

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