Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Charlie Pace is Alive... For Now

I wasted my tears.

Because by the conclusion of tonight's episode (which was thirty-nine minutes ago), Charlie Hieronymus Pace was still alive!

You see, Desmond David Hume (the supposed Lostie psychic who's in love with Penelope Widmore) had told Charlie that, however Desmond tries to prevent it, Charlie would die. In tonight's episode, Desmond told poor Charlie that he needs to die in order for them - including Claire and baby Aaron - to be rescued.

After he said that, tears just started welling in my eyes. Then I cried every time the topic of Charlie's impending death would come up, like when he said "I love you" to baby Aaron and to Hurley, and when he and Claire kissed. And then the final sequence made me sob as if I were Claire learning of Charlie's death.

Anyway, Charlie is still alive. However, the last scene showed two women pointing their guns at Charlie. Well, it was his fault. When he came up from the moon pool, he started yelling that he was alive (understandable, really). Little did he know that the underwater Dharma station, "The Looking Glass," is inhabited (although nobody told him whether the station was empty or not; Juliet only said that Ben told her it was flooded - unless Ben was lying).

And then, on the preview for next Wednesday's two-hour season finale, Charlie is shown sitting on a metal chair with his arms tied behind him. Someone (probably one of the women) just hit him with the butt of a rifle. Alive, but hurt.

Of course I will have to wait for an entire week before I will know for sure that Charlie will live on to season four. Not only him, but Bernard and Jin too.I still hope everyone lives on to the next season, despite spoilers and semi-official statements from the executive producers themselves that four more people will die after Anthony Cooper, who was Locke's biological father.

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