Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Being a Second Banana Sucks

I'm very thankful that Kelly Clarkson wasn't a member of a hugely popular singing group and that RCA Records has not announced that My December is going to be released later than July 24th, 2007. (Though one can never guarantee that it will never happen.) Because if that's the case, then I will storm or write a very scathing letter to her label and to Sony BMG.

MediaTakeOut.com reported on May 11th, that the release of Kelly Rowland's sophomore solo album, Ms. Kelly, is pushed back from June 26th to July 3rd. That's after Music World Entertainment and Columbia Records did the same thing last year when they changed the release date to June 26th. I thought that it can be just a rumour. Unfortunately, Kelly's own label website confirmed that Ms. Kelly will be released on July 3rd.

In contrast, Beyoncé's sophomore solo album, B'Day, was released shortly after its completion. A few months after its release, Columbia Records released a deluxe edition.

Doesn't Kelly Rowland deserve the same treatment?

She's as talented as Beyoncé, as beautiful as Beyoncé, and as deserving as Beyoncé.

There are actually rumours that Music World (owned by Mathew Knowles) and Columbia Records chose to release B'Day over Ms. Kelly.

And that's not the only thing that's messed up. Not so long ago, FMQB reported that JC Chasez's single "You Ruined Me" is going for radio adds on May 1st. On that day, the song didn't go for radio adds. Instead, FMQB reported that it will be pushed back to May 29th - a full four weeks after the recent change (it has been changed several times before). Also, his sophomore solo album, Kate, still doesn't have a definite release date. Can you say, déjà vu?

JC's debut solo album, Schizophrenic, was pushed back several times until it was released on February 24th, 2004. As far as marketing went, Jive Records tanked. JC's buddy, Dallas Austin, even wore a shirt saying, "Jive Sucks!" - effectively saying what all JC fans thought and talked about in forums, e-groups, etc.

In contrast, if I listened to the radio all day (thank God I don't), I'd get to hear all Justin Timberlake singles from his sophomore solo album, Future Love/Sex Sounds, more than once (an understatement).

I understand the radio and the deejay factors, but JC lacks support from his own record label. Enough support, man, enough support.

I don't dislike Beyoncé as much as I dislike Justin (an understatement); both are talented, yet can be overrated.

On the other hand, Kelly Rowland and JC Chasez are both talented, yet they are underrated.

What's up with this world?

Personally, I tend to avoid superstars and to support the so-called second banana (e.g. Kelly Rowland and JC Chasez). I don't like hyped-up stars. They usually deserve less than they get. Unfortunately, people like Kelly and JC deserve more, much more, than they currently get.

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