Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pennette Has A Better Love Life Than I Do

Last night, I was looking for games on the iTunes Apps Store. I found Virtual Families, a sim game where I adopt a person - I chose Pennette, 27 and a rookie magazine editor - and I control her life, from finding a mate and encouraging her to work to giving her children and helping her house renovations.

I found Beamer, 25 and a rookie board game designer, for Pennette. He seems to be good for her; he cooks for her, and he has a happier disposition than Pennette. She seems to be depressive - like me. I thought it's only because she was lonely, so I found her a husband. I did and she was happy for a few minutes, then she's depressed again. I keep encouraging them to mate, but they fight about having kids. (Beamer's profile says he definitely wants to have children and Pennette's says it would be nice to have children, so I don't know why they fight about it.)

Anyway, Pennette works from home, but Beamer doesn't seem to work although he earns money. Maybe those are royalty payments?

The game has crashed once, but restarting my iPod Touch seems to work. Let's hope it doesn't crash anymore.

Let's also hope Pennette and Beamer agree to have children soon. Hehehe...

P.S. Wouldn't this make a good short story? Hehehe...
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