Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ABC Extends LOST Series Finale

I'm still grieving the deaths (yes, plural) in tonight's "The Candidate". Twenty minutes after the episode ended, I'm still crying. It's like when Charlie died in "Through the Looking Glass" and when Juliet died in "LA X". Oh, my  gosh. If you don't cry while watching tonight's episode, then you're made of stone.

At least I had to smile just a little bit when I read on EW.com that the LOST series finale - aptly titled "The End" - will become a two-and-a-half hour event. ABC has previously announced five hours of LOST series finale event on May 23rd starting from 7 PM - two hours of clip show entitled LOST: The Final Journey, two hours of the series finale proper, and one hour of post-finale special entitled Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Aloha to LOST. Now it's five-and-a-half hours of LOST awesomeness on May 23rd!

In addition, the penultimate episode airs on May 18th, five days before the finale. Lastly, ABC airs "Pilot, Part 1" and "Pilot, Part 2" on May 22nd. (Taking advantage of May sweeps, eh?)

Now, excuse me while I cry a little more and try to concentrate on tonight's V.
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