Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kelly Clarkson: Top American Idol Of All-Time

Y'all know I hate American Idol, but it brought Kelly Clarkson into my life. Since becoming the first Idol, Kelly has become my favourite singer ever. I have her records and my second-favourite song ever (after Mariah Carey's "Butterfly") is "Maybe," from her My December album.

I also love Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and Kris Allen. But Kelly Clarkson remains my favourite American Idol.

Boy, am I glad that Billboard agrees with me!

As of April 17th, Kelly Clarkson leads the Top 24 American Idols of All-Time with 10.6 million albums sold, 15.9 million singles sold, and 4.26 million radio plays (total = 30.76 million).


Carrie Underwood is at number two with 11.5 million albums sold, 13.9 million singles sold, and 2.426 million radio plays (total = 27.826 million). Jordin Sparks is at number four with 1.3 million albums sold, 9 million singles sold, and 1.146 million radio plays (total = 11.446 million). Lastly, Kris Allen is at number 11 with 0.31 million albums sold, 2.6 million singles sold, and 0.165 radio plays (total = 3.075 million).

Yay, Kelly! I can't wait for her next album! I also hope I can see her perform at Lilith Fair either in Toronto on July 24th or in Montreal on July 23rd.
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