Monday, May 24, 2010

Bye, Pennette! Hello, Rosola!

Remember when I wrote about Pennette, the Virtual Families little peep that I adopted?

Well, I decided to buy the full version, for CAD $1.99, Pennette, Beamer, and their daughter Sandrania didn't move over to the full version. So I had to start over and adopt another little peep.

So I chose Rosola, a 27-year-old rookie fiction writer. She's now 40 and a novice fiction writer. A little boy named Link, 3 years old, knocked on her door and she adopted him. There's still no husband because she's picky. She's also a bit sickly, but I can buy medicine and dehumidifiers and such to make her healthier.

I hope the profile of Rosola's perfect guy is e-mailed to her soon.

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