Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There's More Than One (Mind-Blowing Scene) of Everything

Wow. Fringe ends its first season with two mind-freakin'-blowing scenes. But, before that...


First, we learnt that our old friend David Robert Jones, who was dying from the effects of his teleportation from the Frankfurt prison to Little Hill Field, shot Massive Dynamic's Nina Sharp. He also took an energy cell from Ms Sharp's cyborg arm. He used this energy cell to power a device to try and open something like a... window or door in New York and Providence (Rhode Island?). Both were failures and resulted in one death each, as well as the mystery of a truck that came from nowhere.

Also, we learnt that The Observer brought our favourite mad scientist Walter Bishop to a beach house, after letting him visit an unknown grave. Walter was supposed to look for something in the beach house and that he had to hurry. However, he could not remember what he was trying to find. Eventually, Peter found him and got him to focus on what he was looking for: a device to close a door to an alternate reality. Yes, that's right - alternate reality, alternate universe, et cetera.

In the meantime, Olivia Dunham analysed everything that happened in the first season - a picture of Joseph Meegar, the centre of episode 1x05, "Power Hungry" was clearly visible at one point - and concluded that the hole - and David Robert Jones - will be at Reiden Lake. During Olivia's conversation with Ms Sharp and Agent Peter Broyles, by the way, we learnt that technological and scientific advances have accelerated the decay of the law of gravity, speed of light, et cetera, and have created soft spots, like the Bermuda Triangle.

As expected, David Robert Jones & his minions, Olivia & the other FBI agents, and Walter & Peter headed to Reiden Lake. Mr Jones and his minions had almost succeeded in keeping the door open when Olivia and Peter arrived to stop them. Olivia shot Mr Jones' minions and fired at least two bullets into Mr Jones - who told her that the bullets just went through him - while he was about to walk through the door. Thankfully, Peter arrived just in time to use the device to close the door. It did close - and cut David Robert Jones practically in half.


Sounds like a regular Fringe episode? Not quite.

After the excitement was all over, Walter was shown at the cemetery, standing before the same grave as the one earlier in the episode. He looked very sad and I thought, "What the heck?" The name on the grave?

1978 - 1985

Say WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, oh, Olivia did get a chance to meet the fabled Dr William Bell. How? She was in the elevator of a Manhattan hotel when a flash of white light startled Olivia. The elevator doors opened at the 15th floor, to a white sterile hallway. A woman came out and led her to an office - on the desk of which rested an oxygen tank, a small bell, and a newspaper with a front-page headline saying, "Obamas Move Into New White House" (emphasis is mine). Shortly afterwards, William Bell came in and Olivia immediately asked him two questions: where they were and who he was. The answer to the second question is quite obvious - Dr William Bell, Walter's old lab-mate. The answer to the first question is, as Belly put it, "very complicated". Olivia looked out the office window, and as the camera pulled back, we saw that William Bell's office is in one of the...


Yeah, the World Trade Center that the terrorists destroyed on September 11th, 2001.

Talk about alternate realities.

Not only that: the brief season 2 promo that I did not see had the following tagline:

"What was before, is only the beginning. What is to come, is beyond imagination. This fall, answers will be questioned. Realities will be shattered. With a new chapter of Fringe."

Say WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh... An awesome season is over and another will begin this fall. I cannot wait already.

So, kids, Fringe is to alternate realities, while LOST is to time travel. Awesome.

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