Saturday, May 23, 2009

HGTV is Reinforcing My Choice

While waiting for the Robitussin to work in my system, I went on the HGTV Canada website and I decided to do some quizzes for fun.

Check out the result for the What Type of Home Should I Buy quiz...

Choose a Condo

Location, luxe d├ęcor, and low maintenance are important to you, which is why a condo is an ideal home base. Don't think that means it'll have to be closet-sized: look to buy in an older building. The building will have a solid reserve fund, meaning maintenance fees will be steady and units will be larger than they're made now.

See? See? It fits where I am right now in my life.

Oh, and one more: What type of a condo buyer am I?

Condo Guru

You want to own your own home, but don't need the stairs, driveway or lawn. A condo is your best bet. Not willing to give up outdoor space? Look for a penthouse unit with a private terrace, or a newer building with a deluxe rooftop patio. Remember, the more amenities (party or movie room, pool, whirlpool or barbeques), the higher the maintenance fees may be.

Thank you, HGTV Canada and whoever created the aforementioned quizzes!

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