Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?

Apparently, it's something that Richard Alpert had to say in Latin. I haven't researched the translation for that one.

LOST's Season 5 finale? Talk about a roller coaster ride.


But, questions, questions, questions...

Where were Penny, Desmond, Widmore, and older Eloise?

Did Richard just leave 1977 Eloise alone and unconscious?

What happened to Sayid? Will he die? (I hope not.)

Who's the guy with whom Jacob was talking at the beginning of the episode? Why does he want to kill Jacob so badly?

Speaking of which, what is the ship that we saw on the horizon? Is it the Black Rock?

Did Jacob visit all the main Oceanic 815 survivors before they crashed on the Island? What about the ones who have passed on, like Charlie?

Who's Edison?

Why did Jacob make Richard/Ricardus ageless?

For what is Frank a candidate? Will Ilana get him to join the What-Lies-in-the-Shadow-of-the-Statue group and fight with them?

Will Rose and Bernard be Adam and Eve (see LOST 1x06, "House of the Rising Sun")?

What happened to Ilana that she ended up in a Russian (?) hospital? How does she know Jacob?

What is the significance of the Flannery O'Connor short story collection, Everything That Rises Must Converge? Is it a clue?

Did Jack's plan work? (Updated May 15, 2009)

Like I said, it was a wild ride. More thoughts and reactions to come later...

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