Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shall I Start a Fringe Blog?

Great cliffhangers last night, eh? The Observer fetches Walter Bishop and says, "It is time to go." Then, Massive Dynamic's Nina Sharp is shot - with tranquilizer? - by two masked men. Whoa. Can't wait for next week's season finale!

Anyway, I was thinking of starting a Fringe blog since it's a relatively new series. It is way too late for me to start a blog for LOST, so why can't I do a Fringe blog? I thought, not counting the official website and wiki, there's not a lot of sites that do recaps and stuff for Fringe, except for DocArzt's Seeing Patterns site and the Wikia site. Then I found this awesome site, Fringe Television, that has everything a Fringe fan can ask for. It's like DarkUFO for Fringe! So, like I do with the popular LOST blogs and fan sites, I am just going to read the stuff on Fringe Television, and the accompanying Fringepedia.

And, oh, in case you haven't heard, Fringe was just picked up for a second season! Apparently, filming will stay in New York and will not move to Vancouver. (Or is it?) But there's a second season! Woot woot!

See y'all next Tuesday, 12 May at 9 PM, and let's hope American Idol does not go overtime - for the nth-freaking time!

(Speaking of which, for British Columbia residents, please vote on 12 May and say no to STV. Thanks.)

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