Friday, June 20, 2008

The Top 30 "WTF?!" Moments in LOST History

LOST is notorious for its "WTF?!" moments. From the first inklings of the Black Smoke Monster (a.k.a. Cerberus) to the identity of the man in the coffin, the LOST writers have pulled the rug under the fans so many times.

Now, this blogger listed his top 30 "WTF?!" moments in the best show ever. Check out #23 on the list:

#23: Richard Alpert doesn’t age

Episodes: “Not in Portland,” “The Man Behind the Curtain,” and “Cabin Fever” (Seasons 3/4)

Why it’s a “WTF?!” moment: When Richard Alpert first showed up in the episode “Not in Portland,” he appeared to be nothing more than DHARMA’s smooth-talking recruiter. Of course, that’s before he appeared a few episodes later in Ben’s flashback — looking like he hadn’t aged a day from the early ’70s to the present day. Oh, and by Season 4, we spotted the seemingly ageless Alpert back in the 1950s, visiting John Locke as a child. Does Alpert really not age, or is he traveling through time somehow? It’s a mystery yet to be revealed.

Here's another one:

#8: Ms. Hawking knows all about Desmond’s future

Episode: “Flashes Before Your Eyes” (Season 3)

Why it’s a “WTF?!” moment: Desmond’s consciousness hopping around through time in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” was a “WTF?!” moment in and of itself, but even more bizarre was his encounter with jewelry store clerk Ms. Hawking. When Desmond tries to change his past and buy an engagement ring for Penny, Ms. Hawking informs him that he will do nothing of the sort. Instead, he will break Penny’s heart, enter the boat race to prove her father wrong, and end up stranded on the Island where he will push the button for the next three years. History, it seems, has a way of “course correcting.” How Ms. Hawking knew about Desmond’s future — or even that Desmond’s consciousness was traveling through time — remains a mystery.

The moment in the top spot shouldn't be a surprise. It still tops the last scene in the Season-Four finale! What's the number one "WTF?!" moment in LOST up to the Season Four finale? Read the entire article to find out.

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