Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Am So Moving To...

Zurich, Switzerland!

This Swiss city topped Mercer Consulting's The World's Best Places to Live 2008 list again. It got a Mercer score of - drum roll, please - 108. Yes, one hundred and eight. (Apparently, the base city, with an index score of 100, is New York.) According to the article's footnote, the survey identifies "cities with the highest personal safety ranking based on internal stability, crime, effectiveness of law enforcement, and relationships with other countries".

Here are the top 10 best cities:

1. Zurich, Switzerland - Mercer score: 108

2. Vienna, Austria & Geneva, Switzerland - 107.9

4. Vancouver, B.C., Canada - 107.6

5. Auckland, New Zealand - 107.3

6. Dusseldorf, Germany - 107.2

7. Munich, Germany & Frankfurt, Germany - 107

9. Bern, Switzerland - 106.5

10. Sydney, Australia - 106.3

Wow, three Swiss cities! That's one more reason for me to want to move to Switzerland in the (near? far?) future. Yay!

Toronto ranks 15th (it's the Numbers, man!), Ottawa 19th, and Montreal 22nd, while Honolulu, HI, USA is 28th. Baghdad is still the lowest at 215th overall, as well as in personal safety.

On the other hand, Luxembourg has the highest personal safety score. Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver rank 22nd in the personal safety rankings. US cities Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Lexington, San Francisco, and Winston-Salem share the 53rd spot.

Sadly, Manila is in the bottom fifty of the personal safety rankings. Expected, but still somewhat saddening.

Click here to read more on this year's rankings.

So... Should I save to get my own condo here in the Greater Vancouver region, or to move to Zurich, Switzerland? Burnaby/New Westminster condo or Zurich? Hmmm... Tough choice.

What do y'all think?

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