Sunday, November 15, 2009

LOST Season 6 is Incomplete Without...

I can't believe it skipped my radar. But DocArzt's open letter now makes sense.

Here's what I said about the possibility that the holdout could be Maggie:

Maggie Grace? Per DarkUFO's Media Mentions section, Maggie is filming an indie drama entitled Flying Lessons and is scheduled to film the untitled Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz thriller this month. Per E! Online, she is open to return as Shannon but is neither confirming nor denying anything.

Indeed, her rep said it was because she just finished filming three movies. In addition to the indie drama Flying Lessons and the Cruise-Diaz thriller Knight and Day, she also did a movie with Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker entitled The Experiment. Per IMDb, the film also features Fisher Stevens who played George Minkowski on LOST.

Can't she take a few days off from her sizzling movie career to shoot some scenes for LOST's final season?

It would be a shame to watch LOST's sixth and final season with one original castmember missing. I'm sure I'm not alone here, but I would love to see Shannon Rutherford back on LOST, even for one episode. Please, Maggie? Pretty, pretty please?

Also, I'm curious as to why Maggie is credited in LOST Season 6 premiere, "LA X," on IMDb if she has not signed on. Is it another goof on IMDb's part? A wishful thinking from an IMDb user who's also a LOST/Shannon fan? Hmmmm...
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