Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FOX Hates Gleeks Who are Also LOST Addicts Without DVRs

According to Entertainment Weekly's Kate Ward, FOX has announced its mid-season schedule. Two items caught my eye and made my blood boil:
  • Glee's fall finale airs on December 9th, and my favourite new comedy will return on April 13th, same time period.
If you look at your calendars, April 13th is a Tuesday! A TUESDAY!!! As I reported last Thursday, LOST's final season premieres on February 2nd - also a Tuesday. I was so happy then, because Glee and LOST won't conflict with each other. Now FOX ruined it by moving Glee to LOST Day (and time period)! What the heck??? Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • After Fringe's winter finale on February 4th, it will return on April 1st.
This one actually isn't so bad, definitely not like the first one. It pisses me off that Fringe will take a seven-week hiatus. Since it's returning on the same weeknight (i.e. Thursday), it didn't make me react like the first one. But still.

I wonder if FOX scheduling executives can still change their minds and keep Glee on Wednesdays. Hmmmm...

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