Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sony Blu-Ray Player Out-of-Stock? No Problem!

The women in my family went to Wal-Mart last night to get our electronics using my sister's 20% employee discount. My niece got an HP Mini Notebook that was listed at CDN$328. My sister paid approximately CDN$294, excluding any environmental fees and including GST & PST. 

However, my Sony BDPS360 Blu-Ray Player was not on the shelf! I looked high and low for it, but all I found was a Sony DVD Player. There were other Blu-Ray players: Samsung and LG. I thought, "What am I gonna do? Order it from Amazon? Find another auction on eBay? Abandon the idea altogether? Or buy a Blu-Ray Player from a different brand?" I looked at my sister, who was waiting for me at the counter.

I grabbed the giant LG box and plopped it on the counter.

It's an LG BD370C Blu-Ray Player. It was easy to connect to my Toshiba TV. The picture is so much better since there is an option to watch a disc (standard DVD or Blu-Ray) in Cinema mode. Standard DVDs - Wanted, for example - are also up-scaled so they look better onscreen. You can also play standard CDs - Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted, for example - although you'd need an Internet connection to get the track names and you'd need the TV to actually listen to the songs. You can also view pictures and films, as well as listen to music, from a USB flash drive. With an Internet connection - which my Blu-Ray player doesn't have right now, because I lent my router to my brother-in-law - you can watch YouTube videos, as well as download content through BD-Live. I just have to figure out how to get Internet connection in there and I can fully enjoy my Blu-Ray player.

Oh, it's listed price was CDN$218. My sister hasn't shown me the receipt, but I expect to pay her CDN$195, excluding any environmental fees and including GST & PST. That would be CDN$10 less than I would have paid if I got the Sony BDPS360 Blu-Ray Player.

Now I hope December 8th gets here sooner so I can have my LOST Season 5 Blu-Ray Disc set!
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