Thursday, September 13, 2007

LOST Moving to Mondays?

DocArzt from The Tail Section wrote about a rumour going around that ABC is moving LOST to Mondays at 8 PM EST. I'm guessing, it's actually 8/7 Central.

Monday? So, Wednesday isn't going to be the best day ever?

Not that I don't like it. CSI: Miami is also on Mondays at 10 PM. Which means two of my favourite shows are on the same night. Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, and Adam Rodriguez on Monday nights? Now, who's going to dislike that?

Also, Heroes is on Mondays at 9 PM, as well as 24. Apparently, Prison Break is on the rumoured timeslot on Fox, so its ratings may suffer especially from those who love LOST than any other show on Mondays. They may TiVo Prison Break and watch LOST instead. Hah!

Anyway, is ABC trying to avoid American Idol and go head-to-head with Prison Break instead?

Also, why eight o'clock? ABC doesn't want LOST to battle with Heroes? There are Heroes fans who are also LOST fans. Personally, I prefer to watch LOST at 9 PM, because the big TV is all mine during that time.

According to DocArzt, nothing is set in stone yet. It's just a rumour. DocArzt wrote the word "rumor" six times - yes, I counted them. That's more than enough to prove that nothing is definite until winter.

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