Sunday, September 30, 2007

Joey Fatone Offers Britney Spears A Way Out

This is nice. Somebody actually is extending help to Britney Spears.

As you know, JC Chasez is my favourite *NSYNC-er. Sadly, he may have nice words to say about Britney, but he hasn't offered her a helping hand. At least the way Joey has.

It's nice, because it's refreshing to know that someone still cares enough for Britney to offer help. While everyone else is (justifiably or otherwise) bashing her for her actions and behaviour Joey Fatone is actually expressing a desire to do something. Joey is a good guy, that's why.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the only obstacle for Britney's healing is Britney herself.

She's been to rehab and it didn't help. I thought she'd change her partying and crazy ways when she had a child; she didn't. Post-partum depression, however, is different and something to be concerned about. Anyway, when she filed for divorce, I thought she'd attempt to change her life other than ditching K-Fed. Not to mention that she's fighting with her mother, who may not be Mom of the Year but is still her mother.

I think Britney needs tough love. She needs someone tough and firm, but caring enough to let her understand the effects of her behaviour and actions.

She also needs those who still care about her to pray for her. We should pray that God will change her heart and turn her life around. She needs it.

I hope Joey and his family pray for her. And I also hope that Britney doesn't ruin Joey's life.

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