Thursday, September 27, 2007

Evangeline Lilly Quitting LOST?

No, Evie, no!!!

I saw an article in the celebrity gossip page of the free daily about Evangeline Lilly, the stunning Canadian and LOST actress. It said that she and Dominic Monaghan, whose character was killed off in last season's finale, are going through a rough patch in their relationship. It is reportedly stressful keeping up their relationship with Evie filming season four in Oahu and Dom "exploring new horizons" in Los Angeles. reported that Dom promises to fly out to Oahu to see her every few weeks "because she's the love of his life" - which, I think, is very romantic. But, apparently, "things have hit a rough patch." Unfortunately, for us LOST and Kate fans anyway, Evie may quit LOST to save their relationship.

Well, long-distance relationships are difficult indeed to maintain. (Theoretically, at least, because I've never had one.) I've heard that long-distance relationships between two celebrities are even more difficult. Especially if you've been used to being with and working with the love of your life for three years. Then, boom, his character is killed off, while hers stays in the show until the remainder of the series.

I don't know if Darlton will let her quit LOST if she asked for it. Kate's story arc isn't complete. Also, the fact that she was in the rattlesnake-in-the-mailbox scene in "Through The Looking Glass" indicates her story arc may not be complete until the end of the series.

As romantic and brave as it is to sacrifice a great show like LOST for love, I hope Evie has enough professionalism to finish her character's run in the show.

I hope this rumour isn't true. But if it is, on behalf of all her fans, I'll say...


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