Sunday, September 23, 2007

DocArzt's "Highway to Hawaii Raffle"

I'm a big fan of DocArzt of The Tailsection, one of the best LOST fan sites. Well, any LOST fan is great in my books anyway. But having a day job at, having a family, and maintaining a LOST fan site at the same time is incredible in my books.

Anyway, DocArzt was invited to visit the LOST set as a guest of the LOST crew. That's freakin' fantastic, right? Unfortunately, he and his family is spending a lot of money for his oldest son's stay in a development disabilities program, he won't be financially ready for the Oahu trip.

So he's having a raffle/fundraiser titled "Highway to Hawaii Raffle." Here's how it works, straight from his article:

For a minimum donation of $1.00 you will receive an entry. Each $5.00 donated on top of the first dollar will get you an additional entry. On October 10th we will publish the complete list of everybody’s number of entries for download. The list will be printed, cut into strips, and on October 15th, via live streaming video on the BuddyTV chat appliance, I will draw 10 names from a fishbowl. The winners will be announced live, and published on the website

Entrants will not be named, every entrant will be assigned a number and will be contacted through email with that number.

Winners will provide DocArzt with head shots, which will be blown to life-size, printed out, and attached on sticks. If the LOST cast and crew allow him to take photographs of cast members and/or LOST shooting locations, he will try his darnedest to include the winners' head shots in the photos. They might not let him, though. But he'll try anyway.

For more information, please click here or the photo for the article.

Clicking the Pay Pal logo at the bottom of the article will bring you to this:

Just follow the instructions and then you'll be sent an e-mail confirmation. Voila! You're all done.

I did it in less then five minutes, at work, just before my boss came in. (Hehe.)

And now you can also help for free! Just follow the links on the original article.

Donated? Done?


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