Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kelly Clarkson in Live Earth US - NYC

Live Earth concerts day!

I didn't get to watch any of the Live Earth concerts today because I was asleep most of the day. Luckily, the full concerts are available on demand on Live Earth on MSN.

I'm watching the Live Earth USA - New York right now, hoping that I'll get to see Kelly Clarkson perform her set.

She performed the following:
  1. Walk Away

  2. How I Feel

  3. Never Again

  4. Sober

  5. Since U Been Gone

Here's the article:

Kelly Clarkson, still our 'Idol'

Looking very rock chick in layered black-and-red tanks, black pants, heavy makeup and lank hair, Kelly Clarkson opened her set with a driving, raspy-throated version Walk Away. American Idol's prodigal daughter admired the stage's recycled-tire backdrop ("It's really cool, I'm going to steal their idea for my show") before playing her current single, Never Again.

"Man, there are some killer bands today that I've never seen, I'm really stoked," she said, then launched into an intense Sober. "Sing it!" she commanded the crowd as she wrapped up with Since U Been Gone. -- D.F., E.G.

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Also, earlier I turned the TV on and caught Daniel Levy of MTV Canada and Devon Soltendieck or MuchMusic commenting on Kelly's performance of Since U Been Gone. They said it was amazing that everyone in the Giants Stadium sang along when she sang her Billboard Hot 100 #2 single. They said the stadium shook while everyone sang Since U Been Gone. It wasn't obvious on the streaming video on Live Earth on MSN, but I'll believe those guys because they were there!

I wish I'd been there!


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