Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cerberus in Cloverfield

I haven't seen the film Transformers but I've heard of the mystery trailer that premiered before the movie.

There's a better video but embedding was disabled by request, so if you want to see it, please click here.

Apparently, it's code-named Cloverfield and is produced by LOST's creator J.J. Abrams. Paramount Pictures is behind it and it will be in theatres on 18 January 2008.

That's all we know about it.

Anyway, this trailer shocked and intrigued everyone, and it even reached CNBC!

There's also a guy named Nostalgia Critic who rehashed the trailer and speculated about it. It's so funny. But I must warn you, the next video has some coarse language in it.

Wonder what this is...

Cerberus (LOST's Smoke Monster)???

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