Monday, October 19, 2009

There's a Reason I Don't Like Baseball...

... And that is baseball's interruption of Fringe.


For at least two weeks, there will be no new Fringe episode due to post-season baseball. According to FringeTelevision's calendar, Fox will re-air the Season 2 premiere, "A New Day In The Old Town," on October 22nd IF there's no ALCS Game 5. The next week, October 29th, there will be no episode at all due to World Series Game 2. The following week, November 5th, episode 2x06 ("Earthling") may be aired IF there's no World Series Game 7. If so, episode 2x06 will be aired on November 12th. That's four weeks after the last new episode. FOUR WEEKS!

My Geek Thursday (FlashForward at 8pm and Fringe at 9pm) will be incomplete for at least one week. Three, if I discount the rerun of the Season 2 premiere and if there's World Series Game 7.

It would have been better if Fringe Season 2 episodes were available on Canadian iTunes Store...

God could possibly have arranged this so I can focus on Assignment 4 (the last one!). Possible, right?

*Sigh* Oh well...
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