Friday, August 14, 2009

Fancy a Cup of Tea?

The Brits have been doing it right all along: a cup of tea can calm you down more than any other food or beverage after being in a stressful situation.

A psychologist at City University London, Dr. Malcolm Cross and his team gave 42 (OMG, one of The Numbers!) volunteers a mental arithmetic exam. Afterward, they gave half of the volunteers a cup of tea and a glass of water to the other half. The latter group's anxiety levels, comparable to those before the exam, rose by 25 percent. On the other hand, the former group's anxiety levels were four percent less than before the exam!


I used to be a mainly coffee and pop drinker, but I have started drinking herbal and green tea. There are even times when I prefer tea over coffee.

I just had a very stressful week: I got tons of filing to do - work orders, old progress billing folders, and all that crap - while I was still doing the month-end A/R entries for July. Very overwhelming and I was tempted to just pack my bags and go home more than once.

I should probably bring a mug or start bringing a thermos to work so I can have tea when I'm stressed out (which is most of the time). Unfortunately, I am way too busy to take both my morning and afternoon coffee break. I just have no time!

Hmmm... Maybe I can just drink tea after dinner? We'll see about that...

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