Friday, August 21, 2009

An Evil, Evil World

I just learned that an old friend of mine from grade school was shot dead last Sunday, August 16th.

According to my classmates, he was shot in the torso somewhere in Antipolo City, Rizal Province (which borders my birthplace). I guess that someone got himself or herself a gun and decided to shoot someone. Or the killer was probably having a psychotic episode and mistook him for someone threatening. Either way, it was unfortunate that my old friend was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was a generally nice, soft-spoken guy. He was this tall, mestizo hottie and many girls had a crush on him. (Yes, that included me. ) I do not remember him getting on the periodic Top 10 in class, but I think he got decent grades. He was also a lot of fun.

So, the world just lost a decent guy because someone made the wrong, wrong, wrong choice. Is that unfair or what?


I know God has a reason for letting a nobody (my grade school best friend's words, not mine) take my old friend's life. He may have completed his mission here on earth. His death may help change gun laws in the Philippines (keep your fingers crossed!). I don't know why God let him die, but I do know that God will punish the killer either in the culprit's lifetime or on Judgement Day.

My friend's senseless death makes me wish that Judgement Day would come soon. I cannot take any more of this evil, evil world.
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