Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ms Kelly's Gotsta Go

Rumour has it that Kelly Rowland is leaving Music World Entertainment.

It's about freaking time!

I've been whining about the crappy treatment that Ms Kelly is getting from her management company. You know, when her sophomore solo album, Ms. Kelly, was pushed back and back, but Beyonce's sophomore solo album was released shortly (two weeks, according to rumours) after its completion. So when Ms. Kelly finally came out, it didn't sell well. Still, Kelly blamed her song choices for her album's failure. While it may have been a factor, her management's crappy, crappy, crappy treatment was also a major factor.

The good news is this: Ms. Kelly topped international - particularly European - charts. She's a megastar internationally, but is not the superstar that is Beyonce Knowles in the US.

So, according to Crunk & Disorderly, Ms Kelly was spotted meeting with Simon Fuller of 19 Entertainment. Could he be Kelly's new manager? Will Mathew Knowles let her go?

More importantly, can Kelly's new manager - regardless of who that is - help her US career take off? Let's wait and see...

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