Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three-Hour Season Four Finale Event for LOST Confirmed!

It's official! And it`s so freaking FAN-TAS-TIC!!!

Kristin Dos Santos on E! Online has confirmed that there`s going to be a THREE-HOUR season finale event for LOST. Yes, we`ve now got fourteen hours of LOST this year. Woohoo!!!

So this is how things are gonna go down: the first hour of the finale will air on May 15th, then the last two-thirds of the finale will air on May 29th. One week without LOST will definitely suck, especially if the little one-week-hiatus is splitting the season finale. But I guess it`s all right, since we`re so used to hiatuses, right?

To quote her:

It's official: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Steve McPherson has signed off on Lost's extraspecial 14th hour this season, which means Lost is getting a three-hour finale! The first hour airs May 15, the second and third hours will air May 29, beginning at 9 p.m. (ABC will still air the finales of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy on May 22, as expected.)

Word is there are so many big reveals the producers wanted to deliver this season that they felt anything less than a full three-hour finale would have cheated the fans. In fact, I'm hearing that the writers' draft for the second half of the finale was 80 pages long, which led all parties involved to realize these stories had to be told now. Anything else would have felt like a rip-off for the fans.

This is the best LOST news I have heard since the casting of Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader, Ken Leung, Jeff Fahey, and Lance Reddick.

*Resumes jumping up and down, and doing the happy dance*

You know what else is great about the season finale news? I am off work that week! See, I wanted to ask my boss for a week off. Then I looked at our accounting calendar and I discovered that the last week of May – the week of my birthday – is the fifth week of a five-week accounting period. So I asked my boss for the week off on the week of May 26th and she gave it to me!

Ain’t that super fantastic? This means I wouldn`t look like heck the morning after. Unlike last May 24, 2007 (the day after the Season Three finale, where Charlie died) when I looked like heck because of too much crying.

So... DarkUFO has the updated Season Four episode schedule:

Episode 4.12 - 15th May (Finale Part 1) 10pm-11pm
Episode 4.13 - 29th May (Finale Part 2 and 3) 9pm-11pm

I cannot wait!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go jump up and down, and pump my fist in the air. And, of course, do my weird happy dance.

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