Friday, April 11, 2008

I Wish I Were Calleigh Duquesne

The recent episodes of CSI: Miami have made me very happy. It seems that my favourite pairing (Eric/Calleigh) has made some progress in their relationship.

Take a look at my favourite CSI: Miami moment so far. This was taken from episode "All In," the conclusion of Calleigh Duquesne's abduction story arc.

Gaaahhhh! That was a major "kilig" moment!

Here is my second-favourite CSI: Miami scene.

Did you see Eric Delko's face? He looked so pissed off. It's like he was sending this message to Calleigh's abductor: "I will kill you for endangering Calleigh Duquesne." Fan-tas-tic!

Oh, one more thing: remember the initial CBS promos for the return of CSI: Miami after the strike? The one where they showed Calleigh wearing a wedding veil and Eric gazing at her with the smile that only Eric Delko could give? Yeah, a major fake-out. It turned out Eric and Calleigh were just recreating the scene! Here is the scene from "You May Now Kill The Bride" anyway:


On the other hand, my favourite CSI: NY pairing (Danny/Lindsay) is having a rough patch in their "relationship"! I've always thought them perfect for each other, although I haven't seen every step in the progression of their relationship. (LOST is my top priority, and Season 3 of both LOST and CSI: NY were on the same time slot - Wednesdays at 10 PM). According to the season three finale article from Wikipedia, Danny and Lindsay woke up on the pool table and a flashback showed that they slept with each other (yes, on the pool table).

(By the way, thanks to YouTube user DrBrennan for letting me use this clip.)

Which should be great for them, right? Well, in the episode "Child's Play" (4x11), the son of Danny's neighbour was killed. In his grief and guilt, he slept with his neighbour, Rikki. The morning-after was depicted in the episode "Right Next Door" (aired on 9 April 2008). In the same episode, Danny declined Lindsay's lunch-date invitation, which hurt Lindsay. As shown in the following clip, she admitted that she has fallen in love with Danny and she confessed that she was mad at herself for that. She told Danny she has to figure out how to "let that go".

Dang! Where are they gonna go from here? Is it really the end for them? I hope not.

Five days till the next CSI: NY episode (and hopefully the next installment in the Danny/Lindsay love story)!

While I'm at it... THIRTEEN DAYS till the return of LOST!

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