Friday, June 15, 2007

Poor JC

I was just recovering from Kelly Clarkson's cancellation of her summer tour. In fact I was feeling a lot better because I'm going to watch Ocean's Thirteen and/or Shrek the Third. I went to just to find out what's happening with JC Chasez. Imagine what I felt when I read this [in verbatim]:

Well the ugly truth is, Jive still is not backing what JC is doing. They said all the right things but did not follow through. His song is not being played because it takes money to market it and Mr Berry Weiss is afraid to spend any money because he needs to show a profit for the year. Justin is the only artist Jive has really marketed this time. Most of Jive's artist has fallen into this pit. Joe just released a CD and he has already crashed and burned…JC is spending a lot of time writing with other groups and making a name for himself as a writer and a producer. His career will continue to grow and he WILL get a chance to prove his talent but probable not with Jive. I hope berry wiess's next job uses the catch phrase "want fries with that" often, even that he might not be qualified for. Just thought I would give you an update.

Excuse my French, but...


Jive Records screwed up Schizophrenic (JC's first solo album). Now they're screwing up JC's entire career!

I wonder if JC could leave Jive Records, maybe he can move to his "buddy" Justin Timberlake's newly-created Tennman Records?

But then... will Justin treat JC any better than Jive treats him?

Sure they're friends - rather they've been friends since they were in the Mickey Mouse Club. But Justin has changed. He's not the same humble guy that he was when *NSYNC started.

Can JC create his own label then?

Or maybe BT can help him out. Nettwerk Records, anyone?

How Jive treats JC is disheartening. It's frustrating. It downright SUCKS!

Poor JC. I can only wonder what he's feeling...

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