Thursday, June 14, 2007

It Was Not Meant To Be

According to and VH1, Kelly Clarkson is no longer touring North America this summer.


So I went to Kelly's label site,, this morning and didn't find anything that said the tour was cancelled. (There are two posts regarding the tour cancellation now.) I had no choice but to head to her other official website,, and there it was: the welcome page containing a note from Kelly herself regarding the summer tour cancellation.

"I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to getting out there to perform for y'all. In the craziness of the music business, performing is what I look forward to doing the most, so it really is disappointing for me to have to tell you that I won't be coming out to tour this summer. The fact is that touring is just too much too soon.

But I promise you that we're going to get back out there as soon as is humanly possible to give you a show that will be even better.

Thanks for all of your love and continued support."

— Kelly

They say it's because of weak ticket sales. Apparently, less people have purchased tickets to her arena concerts than what the promoter expected.

Should have known when only one friend has told me she could go to the concert with me. Even then she was torn between Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce. I even asked my Facebook and Friendster friends if anyone wanted to go to the concert with me. No one responded favourably.


I've been waiting for the chance to see Kelly Clarkson live for two years. In 2005, she played Vancouver two days after my 22nd birthday. Last year, she played Seattle, WA (Auburn, actually). Obviously I didn't get to see her both times. So when it was announced that she would play Vancouver again, I started asking my friends to come with me. Unfortunately, my close friends started dating, getting married, and having babies. So I had to ask somebody else. They weren't crazy about seeing Kelly Clarkson live. *Sniff*

Oh well. Maybe I'm not supposed to go to a Kelly Clarkson concert. At least, not now.

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