Thursday, March 11, 2010

Entertainment Weekly Lists 10 Best Shows On Now

The cover story of this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly is about the 10 best TV shows on now. LOST isn't number one - although, it should be! - but The Good Wife is!!!

Here's the full list. Y'all can view Ken Tucker's take on these shows here.
  1. The Good Wife (CBS)
  2. Breaking Bad (AMC)
  3. LOST (ABC)
  4. Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  5. Fringe (FOX)
  6. Modern Family (ABC)
  7. Glee (FOX)
  8. Southland (TNT)
  9. Damages (FX)
  10. Caprica (Syfy)
Awesome! I love half of the shows on this list. Hehe...

Before anyone screams bloody murder and says other excellent shows (Mad Men, Community, Parks & Recreations, et cetera) aren't included in the list, I just want to say that there are many excellent shows airing now and it is difficult to fit them all in a top-ten list. Plus some cable shows, like Mad Men, are in between seasons at the moment and, therefore, don't belong in a top-ten list for shows airing now.

Obviously, at the top of my list is LOST. Wait a minute... What if I made a list of my own? Hmmm... Let me compile my list and I'll post the top 10 or top 20 later.
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