Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gone Camping...

I've been very busy.

In addition to work, church, business planning, and LOST Rewatch, I received my course materials from SFU Writing and Publishing Program, and I've gotta get started on Assignment 1 that is due on July 31st. Also, I've been preparing for my trip to Washington, Oregon, and California. You know, writing a packing list (thanks, Google Docs!), actually packing my clothes and other essentials, and making sure my electronics are fully charged.

Yep. I'm going on vacation. Woot woot!

So there might not be another blog post until I come back on July 20th. I know, I know: I haven't blogged since Canada Day. Like I said, I've been very busy. Unfortunately, Blogger Mobile doesn't work with Canadian cell phones, so can't do that either. Maybe I'll try to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and blog from my iPod Touch?

Anyhoo, have a great summer and please pray for our protection.

Ciao for now!
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